BrightVibes amplifies the  good in the world

BrightVibes amplifies the good in the world

BrightVibes is all about counter acting the negative and fear driven press and news that surrounds us everyday.
Media organisations have a huge effect on the well being and general feeling of the population yet they keep resorting to driving fear into people in order to sell newspapers and drive viewers.
This leaves people numb and depressed and less likely to take action to help their fellow man.
Bright Vibes is all about taking a different angle on every story. There are plenty of people telling you why something is bad and what is going wrong with the world so you don’t need another outlet doing that.
But how about someone telling what is going well with the world. To show you that even amidst a war there are heartwarming stories or people helping each other to get through the struggles.

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The Global Opportunity Explorer

The Global Opportunity Explorer

Welcome to the world’s largest collection of vetted and verified sustainable solutions.

You can either search for sustainable alternatives, browse what’s trending or learn what is happening in new markets.

Rooted in over five years of research involving over 17,000 business leaders and 17 expert panels, the Explorer guides you through hundreds of sustainable solutions and market opportunities which address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Global Opportunity Explorer also showcases 300 of the most innovative urban climate solutions from cities around the world. Cities100 shows how cities are using climate action to future-proof against challenges such as extreme weather, air pollution and growing populations in areas including transportation, waste, energy, mitigation, and adaptation.

This information comes from the website of The Global Opportunity Explorer.



The Explorer – green technology from Norway

The Explorer – green technology from Norway

On The Explorer, companies from all over the world can find green technology to solve their problems. Together, we can cut carbon emissions and build a better future.

The Explorer is part of Innovation Norway’s efforts to promote Norway as a sustainability pioneer. It is developed in close collaboration with leading Norwegian businesses, organisations, and government bodies.

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian government body responsible for value creation, innovation and growth for Norwegian start-ups and established companies.

As a country, Norway wants to take an active role in helping the world to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. All solutions on The Explorer are therefore linked to specific Sustainable Development Goals. The solutions also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or other negative impact on the environment.

Solutions on The Explorer are offered across a spectrum of industries, from green shipping and renewable energy to food production and smart cities. Since its inception in 2018, The Explorer has helped to connect the companies that offer these solutions with those who need them.

This information comes from the website of The Explorer.



The Solution Library – creating a more sustainable world

The Solution Library – creating a more sustainable world

The Solution Library is first of all a directory of solutions. This means that it provides short descriptions of sustainable solutions available on the web, providing links to more information. It is a place where solutions from all over the internet are gathered in one easy-to-browse platform to help create a more sustainable world.

Our understanding of sustainability has five dimensions: Environmental, Social, Economic, Cultural/Worldview and Whole System (which integrates all four other dimensions in one). The SL’s solutions can be browsed by these dimensions through GEN’s signature mandala, and/or by geographic region.

Additionally, the Solution Library provides the possibility to share experiences with solutions, enriching the knowledge available about the solutions in the library.

And the Solution Library creates a global community by enabling members to connect with one another, or with projects where solutions are used. This way the SL facilitates direct knowledge exchange around sustainable solutions, making it easier for people to co-create a more sustainable world.

This information comes from the website of Solution Library.

Atlas of the Future – democratise the future

Atlas of the Future – democratise the future

Atlas of the Future is an online resource mapping innovative, future-focused, socially impactful projects and people around the world. Our mission is to ‘democratise the future’. This means making sure developments are understandable and entertaining – not just in science and tech, politics or culture, urban planning or education, arts and design – but stories in every area of human activity.

We are not a large group, just concerned citizens who believe everyone should have a share in the way the world will be.

It is true that we face daunting problems and that our obsession with the short‐term has caused a global financial crisis and created environmental disasters. But it is because we believe in the future that we are optimistic. ‘Optimism is a strategy for making a better future,’ says the American intellectual and activist Noam Chomsky. ‘Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so.’

If you agree, then help us make it so by bringing together the most ambitious and inspiring projects for the future in one place. It can be your own project or someone else’s. It might be a technological innovation, an environmental advance, a medical breakthrough or an ambitious social programme. We don’t mind. As long as it is an innovation for the greater good, then please share it with the Atlas of the Future.

This information comes from the website of Atlas of the Future.

Sustainia – Building the world of tomorrow

Sustainia – Building the world of tomorrow

Sustainia is a think tank and consultancy headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We identify readily available sustainability solutions across the world and demonstrate their potential impacts and benefits in our work with cities, companies, and communities.

By focusing on innovative breakthroughs, inspiring alternatives and new opportunities, Sustainia is shaping a new narrative of optimism and hope for a sustainable future that seeks to motivate instead of scaring people with gloom and doomsday scenarios.

With Sustainia, we are creating a vision of what a sustainable future could look like. Not a Utopia or distant dream. By building scenarios where available solutions, innovation and technologies are implemented at large scale, Sustainia shows the exciting sustainable societies we could live in.

This information comes from the website of Sustainia.

Future Crunch fosters intelligent, optimistic thinking for the future

Future Crunch fosters intelligent, optimistic thinking for the future

We’re part of a global movement of scientists, technologists, hackers and creatives that think there are new and better ways of doing things in the 21st century.

Incredible things are happening on our planet. Diseases are being eradicated, millions are being lifted out of poverty, billions of people are gaining access to the greatest information resource humanity has ever known. We can use open source code to print prosthetic limbs, we can cut and paste our own DNA, and we’re taking bold new steps into space. But we’re not hearing a lot about it.

At Future Crunch, we believe that disruptive technologies are bringing about a world that is more peaceful, transparent and abundant. We’re determined to share that story. Our expertise ranges from politics, economics, coding and bioinformatics to design, art and music. We use our diverse knowledge to provide unexpected perspectives on what the future looks like, through the lenses of science, technology and social theory.

Our mission is to foster intelligent, optimistic thinking about the future, and to empower people to contribute to it…

This information comes from the website of Future Crunch.


Low-carbon success stories to inspire

Low-carbon success stories to inspire

Proven low-carbon solutions available for countries to choose from. See the solutions here.

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has teamed up in 2016 with the Nordic Council of Ministers and distinguished institutions from all the Nordic countries to answer a simple question: how far could we go simply by scaling up already proven Nordic low-carbon solutions? The Green to Scale project has combined innovative analysis with active communication.



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