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Can you briefly say what the purpose of your organization is?

To inform about the real causes behind our problems and suggest ways to transform them, as well as present solutions on all aspect of human lives.

Why have you used the circle in the design of the logo?

The circle is a symbol describing cycles. Nature itself consist of cycles that are perfectly self-perpetuating and self-regulating systems. The circle also represents recirculation, circulation, infinity, holistic, integrating, unity and so on. The earth is also circular. The circle also symbolize that we go from an «old way of thinking», that is separating and hierarchically orientated, to a «new thinking», which is more holistic and community oriented.

What kind of symbolic meaning lies in the logo?

That depends on the eye of the beholder. Some of the thoughts behind the symbol were that the earth should be the point of focus. It is in balance on the top of a horizon, which in itself can represent a new tomorrow, a new beginning. The earth is circular like we said in the previous question. This emphasizes more holistic thoughts and you could say that the round shapes are more feminine-oriented. As we see it, the world is in a need of more feminine forces, so it can create a balance in a masculine world. The little, yellow circle can be seen as an impulse, something creative, therefore more masculine. It can also be seen as the source, the sun that provides the basis for life. Regarding colors; the green (which Gaia is balancing on) is neither masculine or feminine but a balancing color. The yellow is a masculine color.

What is the meaning of the name Gaia?

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.

The mythological name was revived in 1979 by James Lovelock, in Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth; his Gaia hypothesis was supported by Lynn Margulis. The hypothesis proposes that living organisms and inorganic material are part of a dynamical system that shapes the Earth’s biosphere, and maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life.

Why are cycles so important?

Cycles are essential for all life. It can briefly be described as processes returning to the starting point, then to be repeated. This is reflected in many ways, like for instance in seasons, where summer is followed by autumn, then winter which passes over to spring. This is repeated endlessly. Other cycles can be night and day, ebb and flow. Another example is water and how it is created. Water evaporates and goes up to the atmosphere, where it forms clouds. When the conditions are right, the clouds make rain that falls down to earth. Since life depends on water to live, we have an endless supply of fresh water. This is consumed by all living creatures. Most of it is lead back to the oceans again through the rivers. A fantastic system that is repeated without stop.

Today, the modern human being has lost much of its respect for nature, with exploitation as a result. In earlier times, one was thought how to live in harmony with nature. The understanding of the world was more cyclically. We want to point out that in the future the world must think and live by cyclic principles.

Where did you find the inspiration for GaiaInnovations?

Mainly, we got inspiration for the Innovation Portal from Barbara Marx Hubbard ( When it comes to the deeper causes of our crises and problems, which we focus a lot on and which partly is the reason for the Inspirational Portal, we are mostly inspired by Neale Donald Walsch ( In addition, we have also been influenced by countless other sources, many of whom have a strong commitment to the environment.

Can we do something about the problems and crises in the world?

Absolutely! The vast majority of problems and crises in the world are created by mankind. Today we are even more or less co-creators of natural disasters. But since we have created all this, we also have the possibility and power to do something about it. Our actions are a consequence of what we think, as well as our moral, so this is what we need to work with. This is achievable, but changing ingrained thought patterns, attitudes and habits will be both time-consuming and challenging. On the other side, today the problems are so obvious that most of us see that we must do such structural changes.

Are we in a hurry to change the world?

Undoubtedly, since the problems today are so many and comprehensive and the consequences so huge. The hurry also depends on the eyes of the beholder. We, who live in the rich part of the world and far up north (Norway), have escaped most of the problems, even though they are more present in our days. So to us, it might seem like there is no particular problem and there is no rush.

Outside the Norwegian borders, the situation is different. There are huge problems in all aspects of human life. We can briefly mention environmental problems like rising of the sea level, warmer oceans, and atmosphere, pollution etc. Especially people in poor countries experience large consequences due to a lack of sufficient infrastructure. They live in exposed areas and under poor sanitary conditions, as well as generally poor living conditions. They are, therefore, more exposed when disasters occur.

Further, we can mention wars, poverty, terrorism, lifestyle diseases, larger differences between poor and rich, loneliness, depression, superficiality, overspending, exploitation. There is a sufficient number of crises and problems. Especially, the environmental problems are increasing, and here we are in a hurry. The longer we wait to do something about all our problems, the more expensive it gets and the more serious the consequences will be for both man and nature.

We also think that we who live in rich and prosperous countries are obligated to contribute to create a world in balance.

Will your organization really be of any consequence?

In greater or lesser degree, all of us have an influence on the world. When you join together in a larger union, like the creation of an organization, you have an even greater influence. What’s special about our organization is that we focus directly on the causes of our problems. In other words, we go behind the symptoms and work directly on a cause level, to inform and transform them. The category Future worldview in our Inspirational Portal deals with that. This is a far more permanent solution than focusing on the symptoms. This does not solve the problems, who will just reappear later on. It’s absolutely vital to protest against economic disparities or pollution for example, but as long as the underlying causes are not dealt with, there is a great risk the problems will just reappear.

We also have a strong focus on solutions for all aspects of human life. We have taken the consequences of this by creating our two portals. Most of the problems we humans struggle with are already solved. The challenge is that nobody knows it because the solutions are not organized or made into a system. They are fragmented and spread all over the world. We wish to gather them in our Innovation Portal so that one doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. We mean that this will accelerate future development.

What can I do to help?

A lot, you can support us or other organizations that work to create a world we all want and long for. In the book (Towards a Brighter Future for You, Mankind and Mother Earth), we have a separate chapter on this specific topic.

There are many ways to support us. You can be a volunteer by, for instance, sharing information about us on Facebook and other social media. If you have contacts in the media, we would appreciate it if you told them about us. If you have the opportunity yourself or know someone who has, you can support us with donations. That way we would be able to do much more. And, we would like to receive tips for our two portals. The more we get engaged and united, the more we can do and have an influence in the world.

Your contribution to us will go to a solution oriented organization rooted in new ways of thinking. We acknowledge that changes take time and that it will not happen overnight. We also acknowledge that we cannot change the world by ourselves. On the other hand, when more and more people become conscious and develop itself, the faster the changes will happen. To support us will make it easier to do what we can to make this shift in consciousness happen faster, to the best for us all and the coming generations.

Can’t I just change things on my own?

Of course, you can do something on your own, but we can do more and are stronger if we are united. When you are alone there is a limit to what you can do. When you are gathered together and united on issues, you receive better stimulus, there is more ideas and creativity flowing and they have a greater impact. Furthermore, you join a community of people that are occupied with the same as you and have the same interests. This gives synergies.

Why do we need donations?

We have created a world that is dependent on economics to function. This also applies to us. We could, of course, create and operate an organization using free labor. But then it would probably have been more like a hobby project and we would not have reached far. With that said, we do have volunteers helping us. This is a great resource that we would not be without. Donations on the other side, provide us with a better economic base so that we can be more professional and do more, than if everything dependent on volunteers working in their spare time.

Why dont you focus on crises and problems in the world?

We think the vast majority of the media focus too much on crises, problems and catastrophes. We have no intention to add to this focus. On the other hand, our book Towards a Brighter Future: for You, Mankind and Mother Earth goes much more in depth of the core problems and crises facing us than this home page and the media in general. We are mainly a solution-oriented organization.

Can we get a pictorial explanation as to why we need changes in this world?

Think of an app in a cell phone. Regularly the app must be upgraded, due to new improvements as well as for it to operate optimally together with the operative system of the cell phone, which also is updated regularly.

The operative system represents all human thoughts. The apps can represent the various structures we humans created to organize our lives. All this is based on thoughts and moral, that needs to be upgraded now and then so that we increasingly can understand more, develop and find better ways to do things. Life does not stand still, everything is changing and developing.

And again, briefly about how you will contribute to change the world?

GaiaInnovations will ask questions about the status quo, promoting new thoughts, have visions about a future world in balance and make suggestions about practical ways to get there.

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