How to create balance?

By going in depth and finding the real causes behind all our crises and problems, we could understand them and why they have occurred. This way we get the opportunity to transform them, and thus create opportunities for the world we have dreamed about.

The real causes, that is to say, the core causes, behind man’s ongoing conflicts, crises, sufferings and environmental problems, are in the end based on how we look at the world, in other words, our worldview. This means the thoughts we have regarding our most basic belief systems (spirituality), myths, attitudes, values, beliefs and morals. What we in this context defines as our spirituality. This is because the problems are due to the deep layers of the human psyche. These problems are based on both our conscious and unconscious thought patterns.

It is this deep layer, which is the real, crucial as well as governing element for how you are, act and behave in the outside world. And it is these thought patterns that need to be changed if we want a world in balance, without all the problems. Albert Einstein said it like this:
«The world we have created is a product of our thoughts. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.»

The crises and problems we face are created by ourselves, but since they are created by us they can also be solved by us. We believe that we have identified some of the most important, dysfunctional thoughts that have to lead to the world we have today. To create a world in balance, it is necessary for us to go from old, dysfunctional thought patterns to new and functional patterns, like the examples below:


Exploited dying planet => Living, respected planet
Masculine dominance => Masculine and feminine balance
Me and mine => We and ours
Nationalism and isolation => Global unity and togetherness
Short-term thinking => Long-term thinking
Separation and polarization => Inclusion and synthesis
Unspirited universe => Spirited universe
Trust outer sources => Trust our own inner source
Hierarchically structures => Holistic, self-determining structures
Indifference and intolerance => Care and tolerance
Competition => Cooperation
Outer values dominate => Outer and inner values in balance
Materialism and profit => Generosity and sharing
Duality => Unity
Fear => Love
Secrecy => Openness

Note! Most of these examples are made into small pictures at our campaign page. They can be viewed here.

The faster we change these old, dysfunctional thought patterns to functional ones, the faster we will accelerate the transition to a world in balance.

We all have patterns of thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Everyone thinks and means something about life, if there is a larger meaning, if the world is spiritual, about themselves, about other people, about the community and so on. We transfer our beliefs to our children, grandchildren, family, friends, relatives, as well as the community. This is how cultures are created. If we shall create a new culture, where the world is in balance, we must change what we believe in. That is to say that mostly we must change our thoughts. Said in other words, we must heighten the awareness. So simple and yet so difficult.

We have, to a large extent, made use of political, economic and military means in an effort to solve our problems. These are neither lasting nor good solutions, because they don’t deal with the underlying problems. This is due to the fact that they don’t go in depth and they are not spiritual by nature. And when the underlying problems remain unsolved, the problems will endure and sooner or later they will return. A proof of that is that the world still struggles with problems that have been here for generations, like war, starvation, and inequality.

We have only treated the problems on a symptom level. We have to go deeper to find the core causes and then change them. If we are to solve our problems in the world, we cannot avoid changes, both on a personal and a collective level. These changes must be based on new, overall thoughts (like the ones mentioned above). This will give it a lasting effect. If not, we only fix the symptoms and that, as already mentioned, does not solve the underlying problems.

To patch up symptoms is never a lasting solution. So it is, basically, simple if you want to create a world in balance; Just like a human being experience life crises and must change, so it is with the human race in total. We experience crises and we are the ones who must change. The condition of the globe is a reflection of the condition of mankind. When we have changed and are in balance, it will be reflected on the community around us.

The perhaps most effective way to create a world in balance is to create something new, which makes the existing old and obsolete. It is difficult to change old thought patterns, habits, and attitudes. Changing the existing is, therefore, a heavy and demanding path to take. This also applies the larger the social structures are. Our organization has, therefore, placed great emphasis on highlighting the new and more functional that grows around the world. This is one of the reasons as to why we have created The Innovation Portal for new solutions, as well as existing solutions that works and The Inspiration Portal. When all the new gets good growth conditions, you want to leave the old. It is easier to leave the old when you have something new and better to refer to.

To create a positive future without problems is possible, but it requires both will, cooperation, and sharing. And it requires new thoughts and changing attitudes. If we can do this, then we can turn the condition of today, which is full of problems and discouragement, to a future full of solutions, optimism, and hope.

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