A positive future

We humans have now evolved to a point where we consciously can control future developments. We can choose to destroy this world or choose to create an amazing future world, with unlimited opportunities. In other words, we are now standing on the edge of a new age of conscious development. Unlike before, where we did things more unconsciously without much thinking about the consequences of our choices.

In addition to a shift in focus from the unconscious to the conscious, as we are about to do, there are also other areas where we need a shift in focus from:

Problems        → Solutions
Symptoms      → Causes
Short-term     → Long-term
Negative         → Positive
Depression     → Hope
Indifference    → Involvement

There are many who feel powerless, helplessness and hopelessness when they see the condition our world is in today. Apparently, it may look like the world is full of crises, problems, and chaos, and that it just is like that without us being able to do anything about it. But we can.

Yes, in many ways the world of today is in chaos, with plenty of crises and problems. On the other side, to a certain extent, it is necessary. Necessary because crises often lead to changes, both individually and on a collective level. Crises are necessary, they lead to transformation. This can be painful and that is what we experience now. Since this concerns the whole globe, it takes longer time than if the transformation only applied to one person. From crises something good may emerge, we understand that we need to do things differently. That is the purpose of crises, to create an opening for transformation and change.

Many take a symbolic view of it and draw parallels to a birth. Like the child in the womb, the little infant cannot grow where it is now. It has become too large and has to come out. It is like this for the human being as well. Our way of living has grown in a way the earth cannot handle and sustain anymore. A birth can be painful, and to a certain degree dangerous, especially if there are no good helpers around. But after pain comes joy. We are about to witness the birth of a new world. The more we all can help, the easier the transition into a new world will be.

Many of the old systems are breaking apart and those who represent them will often fight to preserve and keep them. At the same time, there are new, and far more functional systems, based on holistic thoughts, on the verge to break out. Sooner or later all the new will overcome and take over all the old.

There are plenty of new and positive things going on, that deserve far more attention. There already exist solutions to most challenges. A huge amount of new and fantastic technologies, as well as revolutionary ideas, see the light of day. More and more amazing people roll up their sleeves and fix what is broken.

Mankind has been on a long journey away from interdependence with nature and each other, to become separated from nature and each other. We stopped thinking holistic and about the greater good and started to split everything into shares, as in a mechanistic worldview and an «each man for himself» mentality. We are now at the turning point. We are now on the verge of a new journey back to interdependence with both nature and ourselves on a higher conscious level.

Neither must we forget that we humans create beautiful and wonderful things; music, movies, art, design, architecture, technological progress and so on. We do amazing things. We are compassionate and loving humans, and show it over and over again. We have every opportunity and possess an enormous potential to renew us as humans. We are creative beings capable of amazing things, and we can create more and more that will benefit all of us. The future really is unlimited.

It is up to us to create the changes that will lead to a positive future and a world in balance, with fantastic opportunities and a potential so great, that it is hard to imagine. All of us and the mankind as a whole will eventually turn out in full bloom.

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