Platform and purpose


The intention of GaiaInnovations is to shift the focus away from problems to solutions and from symptoms to causes.

Short info:

GaiaInnovations aim to contribute with ideas, visions, and solutions that can inspire us and give us hopes about the future, as well as finding and transforming the real causes to our crises.

Long info:

GaiaInnovations is an ideal and independent nonprofit organization, with a purpose of creating balance in the world by focusing on the core causes to our crises and how they can be transformed.

We believe that the crises in this world are due to our old ways of thinking. These thoughts cause outdated belief systems, attitudes, and morals and are the core causes of our crises.

We want to present and inspire new and updated holistic thoughts and sustainable solutions, in all sectors of human life. Something that will bring hope, positivity, and optimism.

As a base for this, we want to rely on man’s earned wisdom, creativity, and care, as well as what nature teach us through circulation, symbiosis, community, and unity.

The main purpose

To present ideas and solutions in an innovation portal and an inspiration portal.

Other purposes

Identify the underlying, old and outdated thoughts that causes the crises in this world

Introduce new, updated and transformed thoughts

Inform about the earth, cycles and the environment

Inspire to positivity, hope and optimism

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