The Peace Building

The Peace Building

A place where we can build a global culture of peace.

The Peace Building is set to be the first ever peace museum and education centre in London. It will be a meeting point where all generations can learn about peace builders through history; share stories of peace movements; and remember the countless victims of conflict. It will be a space where we can start to build a global culture of peace. Together.

There are eight war museum in London. We need a peace museum to provide an alternative discourse and champion the power of peace building.

The Peace Building will inspire and equip people of all ages to act peacefully in all aspects of their lives; from the individual level (fostering inner peace) and our relationships with others – to streets and communities (including the global community). We will work hard to become a centre of excellence in peace education through our learning programmes for schools and colleges – both in the centre and through outreach. The centre will also provide public spaces to reflect, relax and explore… Including a cafe, exhibition space, a reference library, studios, meeting rooms, a space for quiet reflection, and an events space for talks, lectures, conferences and concerts.

This information comes from the website of The Peace Building.

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