World’s first thermal energy storage

World’s first thermal energy storage

Brenmiller Energy provides sustainable thermal energy storage solutions. Green heat storage that enables renewable and clean energy in industry, residences, and power plants.

bGen™ is a patented high-temperature thermal energy storage unit stored in solid state material [crushed rocks]. Charged electrically or thermally and delivers steam or hot air on demand.​ This sustainable TES technology enables emission reduction for power plants, industrial and commercial facilities.

This information comes from the website of Brenmiller Energy.


KAMP SOLUTIONS presents solutions journalism

KAMP SOLUTIONS presents solutions journalism

In a world where problems consistently dominate the news headline, Kamp Solutions stands out with a complete focus on solutions.

A magazine with a simple mission: fast-tracking solutions for people and planet. Because stories drive innovation and solve problems.

Kamp’s special reports have profiled many fascinating people including the first pioneers who built bridges between ancient traditions to modern medicine. His interviews with world leaders from all walks of life are a chronicle of his “scoop” interviews. Pioneers that include Sir Richard Branson, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Deepak Chopra, Rosamund Stone Zander, Johan Rockstrom, among many others.

This information comes from the website of KAMP SOLUTIONS.

How China Turned the Desert into Green Forests

How China Turned the Desert into Green Forests

China is rebuilding the Great Wall of China. However, now they build not with stones, mortar, sand and rubble, designed to stop the enemy hordes. Nowadays they build with trees. Just like the wall erected many years ago, the world’s largest man-made forest should stop the enemy that China has been fighting for many years and which is no less dangerous than the problem of overpopulation. This enemy is the desert that occupies most of eastern China and continues to grow non-stop.


Pipistrel nears launch of new hydrogen-powered 19-seater

Pipistrel nears launch of new hydrogen-powered 19-seater

Slovenia’s Pipistrel Aircraft, best known for its range of lightweight two-seaters, is nearing the launch of a new hydrogen fuel-cell- and battery-powered 19-seat hybrid that it hopes will revolutionise the commuter-category segment.

Dubbed the “Miniliner”, the aircraft could enter service by 2030, the company says, and will offer a substantial cut in operating costs against current designs.

Pipstrel says the Miniliner will be able to perform short point-to-point services between cities, boosting connectivity for underserved locations, or what it calls “microfeeder” flights into bigger hubs.

Power from the fuel cells will be sufficient for most departures, but batteries are provided to boost short-field performance, allowing departures from runways down to 800m (2,620ft). This, it says, will allow access to 80% of Europe’s airports.

While Pipistrel sees the optimum flight length as between 160-215nm (300-400km), the Miniliner will be able to fly for around 1,000nm on a single tank of liquid hydrogen.

Read the whole article in FlightGlobal.

BrightVibes amplifies the  good in the world

BrightVibes amplifies the good in the world

BrightVibes is all about counter acting the negative and fear driven press and news that surrounds us everyday.
Media organisations have a huge effect on the well being and general feeling of the population yet they keep resorting to driving fear into people in order to sell newspapers and drive viewers.
This leaves people numb and depressed and less likely to take action to help their fellow man.
Bright Vibes is all about taking a different angle on every story. There are plenty of people telling you why something is bad and what is going wrong with the world so you don’t need another outlet doing that.
But how about someone telling what is going well with the world. To show you that even amidst a war there are heartwarming stories or people helping each other to get through the struggles.

This information comes from the website of BrightVibes.


The Global Opportunity Explorer

The Global Opportunity Explorer

Welcome to the world’s largest collection of vetted and verified sustainable solutions.

You can either search for sustainable alternatives, browse what’s trending or learn what is happening in new markets.

Rooted in over five years of research involving over 17,000 business leaders and 17 expert panels, the Explorer guides you through hundreds of sustainable solutions and market opportunities which address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Global Opportunity Explorer also showcases 300 of the most innovative urban climate solutions from cities around the world. Cities100 shows how cities are using climate action to future-proof against challenges such as extreme weather, air pollution and growing populations in areas including transportation, waste, energy, mitigation, and adaptation.

This information comes from the website of The Global Opportunity Explorer.



The Explorer – green technology from Norway

The Explorer – green technology from Norway

On The Explorer, companies from all over the world can find green technology to solve their problems. Together, we can cut carbon emissions and build a better future.

The Explorer is part of Innovation Norway’s efforts to promote Norway as a sustainability pioneer. It is developed in close collaboration with leading Norwegian businesses, organisations, and government bodies.

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian government body responsible for value creation, innovation and growth for Norwegian start-ups and established companies.

As a country, Norway wants to take an active role in helping the world to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. All solutions on The Explorer are therefore linked to specific Sustainable Development Goals. The solutions also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or other negative impact on the environment.

Solutions on The Explorer are offered across a spectrum of industries, from green shipping and renewable energy to food production and smart cities. Since its inception in 2018, The Explorer has helped to connect the companies that offer these solutions with those who need them.

This information comes from the website of The Explorer.



The Peace Building

The Peace Building

A place where we can build a global culture of peace.

The Peace Building is set to be the first ever peace museum and education centre in London. It will be a meeting point where all generations can learn about peace builders through history; share stories of peace movements; and remember the countless victims of conflict. It will be a space where we can start to build a global culture of peace. Together.

There are eight war museum in London. We need a peace museum to provide an alternative discourse and champion the power of peace building.

The Peace Building will inspire and equip people of all ages to act peacefully in all aspects of their lives; from the individual level (fostering inner peace) and our relationships with others – to streets and communities (including the global community). We will work hard to become a centre of excellence in peace education through our learning programmes for schools and colleges – both in the centre and through outreach. The centre will also provide public spaces to reflect, relax and explore… Including a cafe, exhibition space, a reference library, studios, meeting rooms, a space for quiet reflection, and an events space for talks, lectures, conferences and concerts.

This information comes from the website of The Peace Building.

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