Electrifying car runs on saltwater – Quantino

Electrifying car runs on saltwater – Quantino

With Quantino electric vehicles, a Liechtenstein-based company want to prove that its nanoFlowcell® technology can free mobility from its dependence on fossil fuels and current battery systems. It doesn’t plug in to recharge the way electric vehicles do (which are not as green as you think). It runs on flow cell technology – a battery that uses salt water solutions to store electrolytes that can undergo reactions to produce electricity.

Able to travel 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) for 14 hours on a single tank and reach speeds of 200 km/h, Quantino cars are electrical, silent and give off zero harmful emissions – unleashing a new energy storage within the new field of electric mobility. Two ionic fluids generate electricity by means of a chemical process. One holds a positive charge and other, negative…

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