BrightVibes amplifies the  good in the world

BrightVibes amplifies the good in the world

BrightVibes is all about counter acting the negative and fear driven press and news that surrounds us everyday.
Media organisations have a huge effect on the well being and general feeling of the population yet they keep resorting to driving fear into people in order to sell newspapers and drive viewers.
This leaves people numb and depressed and less likely to take action to help their fellow man.
Bright Vibes is all about taking a different angle on every story. There are plenty of people telling you why something is bad and what is going wrong with the world so you don’t need another outlet doing that.
But how about someone telling what is going well with the world. To show you that even amidst a war there are heartwarming stories or people helping each other to get through the struggles.

This information comes from the website of BrightVibes.


The Equality Trust – Because more equal societies work better for everyone

The Equality Trust – Because more equal societies work better for everyone

People in more equal societies live longer, have better mental health and have better chances for a good education regardless of their background. Community life is stronger where the income gap is narrower, children do better at school and they are less likely to become teenage parents. When inequality is reduced people trust each other more, there is less violence and rates of imprisonment are lower.

If we want to build a better society, it is essential we take action. The Equality Trust is working with others to build a social movement for change. We analyse and disseminate the latest research, promote robust evidence-based arguments and support a dynamic network of campaign groups across the country.

This information comes from the website of The Equality Trust.

Sharing economy – a sustainable economic ecosystem

Sharing economy – a sustainable economic ecosystem

The Sharing Economy is a socio-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of human, physical and intellectual resources.

It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organisations.

Whilst the Sharing Economy is currently in its infancy, known most notably as a series of services and start-ups which enable P2P exchanges through technology, this is only the beginning: in its entirety and potential it is a new and alternative socio-economic system which embeds sharing and collaboration at its heart – across all aspects of social and economic life.

The ‘Sharing’ in the Sharing Economy refers to the use and access of shared physical or human resources or assets, rather than the fact that there is no monetary exchange. A Sharing Economy enables different forms of value exchange and is a hybrid economy.

This information comes from the website of The People Who Share.

Read about the Sharing Economy in Wikipedia.

A conference about the Sharing Economy Sharing Economy Conference.


Shareconomy” is going to be a documentary film about the rise of the “sharing economy”. The film will examine the benefits and drawbacks of the sharing economy movement.

Compassion Games International

Compassion Games International

Compassion Games International offers fun and creative ways to ignite and catalyze compassionate action in communities around the world. In the five annual Compassion Games, competition becomes coopetition as teams and individuals challenge one another to strive together to make our planet a better place to live through community service, acts of kindness, and raising monies for local causes. The Games amplify what is already working in our communities and inspires increased engagement, leading to new activities that bring compassion to life and improve our well-being.

CGI 2015 Timeline-2The Compassion Games adapt creatively to any community who wants to embrace and play them. Since 2012, players of the Compassion Games have served over 1,500,000 people in 34 countries by more than 400,000 volunteer players. The Games have been played between cities, businesses, faith and interfaith organizations, schools, and even prisons. Participating teams in the Compassion Games perform acts of kindness and service, reporting on the number of volunteers, hours of service, money raised for local causes, and the number of people served, providing measurable results that can be improved upon, year after year…

This information comes from the website of Compassion Games International.


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