The World of the Dreamers and the Wise

The World of the Dreamers and the Wise

It is as though we live in two separate worlds, two parallel universes simultaneously. One is the world of mortal goings on, the other a realm of eternal spirit. The first is perceived with the physical senses, while the other is not.

No one needs to be told that the former is discombobulating quickly, from climate change to collapse of social and political systems, to international tensions and more. It is a realm of increasing hardship for many, and staggering collective challenges.

The spiritual world is known with the heart yet not perceived with the senses. It beckons us, like an ancient melody which we hear although we can’t hear, that never completely goes away. We long for it as though for a home to which we all long to return. The source of all our existential angst is this spiritual longing to go home.

Today, the world is so tired and weary. There is an exhaustion that permeates not only our civilization but seemingly others as well. We have so descacralized our planet that is hard to find meaning here. Too many don’t remember where we came from, who we are, or what we’re doing here. And without a sense of higher purpose, it’s impossible to achieve inner peace.

Our biggest problem, perceived by many, is that this cannot continue. The situation is untenable. It’s as though our global civilization is having a collective nervous breakdown, an identity crisis, as humanity as a whole seems to have lost its connection to a moral universe. Created in love, we have become masters at lovelessness. Those standing for the most sacred values are trampled on by soulless powers. The most basic principles of right living are treated like they don’t even matter.

Read the rest of the article in TRANSFORM with Marianne Williamson.

Choosing Earth

Choosing Earth

The Project
First, to support people in moving beyond denial and distraction to a realistic understanding and deepening relationship with the profound challenges and opportunities now present in the world. Second, to foster a robust conversation and inquiry about our world in great transition that includes a whole-systems view that is wide, deep, and long.

Communication is the lifeblood of civilization. Growing the understanding and conversation about our common future is a team effort. Each person has unique opportunities to grow this conversation with friends, family, and colleagues: Educators can bring this to the classrooms. Businesses can bring this to their strategic planning. Film-makers can bring this to the screen. Spiritual leaders can bring this to their congregations. Time is short, it’s time to wake up and work together to create a more just, sustainable, and purposeful world.

We bring three perspectives to this work:
Wide — We look beyond single-issue trends like climate change to include the many other important trends such as species extinction, population growth, racial, gender and wealth divides, resource depletion, unsustainable consumption, and more.
Deep — We look beneath the surface of life to explore an emergent, relational consciousness that embraces the aliveness of the universe and interconnection of all of existence. We include the spiritual and cultural dimensions, values and worldview.
Long — We look into the deep future to explore how life might unfold over the course of a half century, recognizing our choices impact generations to come.

Choosing Earth takes us on a journey that extends a half-century into the future to explore our world in a time of unprecedented transition. Based on exhaustive research, Choosing Earth offers a whole-systems view of the converging adversity trends facing humanity and three major scenarios for the future that are most likely to emerge from these powerful trends. By illuminating deep psychological, spiritual and scientific changes that are already underway, it offers hope for the emergence of a mature, planetary civilization beyond our times of crisis. Based on a lifetime of research and a decade of community organizing by the author, Choosing Earth is an unvarnished look at the reality of our world in crisis and an invitation for us to actively shape our future rather than be passive victims of denial and delay.

This information comes from the website of Choosing Earth.

Great Transition Stories

Great Transition Stories

Great Transition Stories is a virtual hub for illuminating the larger, often invisible, archetypal stories of our world, which can help us make sense of these times. By bringing to light the deeper patterns we’re in and where they lead, we begin to have more choice in how we can consciously evolve our collective story towards wholeness, well-being, justice, beauty, and regenerative culture.

Here we offer:

Core Principles: A context of core understandings about who and what we are and how the universe operates drawn from leading edges of physics, neuroscience, cosmology and spirituality
Patterns of Change: An overview of stories drawn from history, mythology, biology and psychology that are roadmaps for successful transitions that can guide us through these times of great change
Emerging Stories: A curation of emerging stories already in the process of building new models for futures that we want to live in
What to do: An array of pathways for restorying our personal stories, becoming engaged in growing emerging stories and co-creating a life-affirming future

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Imaginal Nation – The Future of Cells, Humans & Civilization

Imaginal Nation – The Future of Cells, Humans & Civilization

Bruce Lipton about Conscious Evolution

As a consequence of the pandemic, radical alterations in lifestyle have affected the lives of people all around the globe. This planetary “time-out” is providing the world with both a need and desire to change how we will move into the future. Consider all the faults of the current worldview that are now coming into focus: religious and racial strife, economic disasters, global health crises, environmental pollution, and world hunger to name a few. Yes, it’s bad out there, and yet, it is also good.

How can a failure of civilization be a GOOD sign? Without it, we would not be able to evolve. We cannot build a sustainable future on the cultural, political, and economic foundation of today’s civilization. Humanity has reached the end of its voracious caterpillar phase and is now undergoing a metamorphosis to evolve into the light-touch offered by the butterfly phase. We are all active participants in the evolutionary metamorphosis the Earth is now experiencing. Each of you is a Cultural Creative engaged in creating a civilization that we not only survive in, but one we all can thrive in!

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Extinction and the Revolution of Love

Extinction and the Revolution of Love

By Charles Eisenstein


Why would we want to serve life? Unlike self-preservation, that desire can only come from love.

Let let us consider one more dimension of extinction. Above I posed a scenario in which nature dies while humanity survives. To even state this, though, implies the separability of humanity and nature. In fact, we are inseparable; we are nature’s expression. Therefore, we cannot actually be “just fine” when the rest of life is dying. It is not necessarily that we cannot survive as the rest die. It is that with each extinction, with every ecosystem and place and species that passes, something of ourselves dies as well. With the shriveling of our relations, we become less whole. We might continue to progress in GDP, in miles traveled, in years lived, in floor space and AC units per capita, in educational attainment, in total consumption, in terabytes, petabytes, and exabytes, yet these endlessly swelling quantities will only mask and distract from a ravening spiritual hunger for all the things they have displaced: connection and belonging, a familiar birdsong that is a little different each time, the smell of spring, the swelling of the buds, the taste of a sun-drenched raspberry, the grandfathers telling stories of a place that the children know well too. With each step into an isolation chamber of our own making, so sharpens our suffering. We see already the symptoms of extinction in ourselves, in rising rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, addiction, self-harm, domestic violence, and other forms of misery that no amount of material wealth can assuage.

In other words, the depletion of life on earth accompanies a depletion of our souls. As we destroy beings, we destroy our own beingness. No longer enmeshed in a web of intimate, mutual relationships, no longer participating in life around us, surrounded by contained, dead things, we become less alive ourselves. We become zombies, wondering why we feel so dead inside. This is the ultimate source of the protests. We yearn to recover life. We want to overturn the Age of Separation.

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New Story Hub – change the story, change the world

New Story Hub – change the story, change the world

A community of like-minded individuals of all ages and cultures dedicated to supporting the emergence of a coherent new story for humanity.

As we change our story, we change our world.

We humans find our way by story. Our stories shape us, hold us and give meaning to our lives. Every so often it becomes clear that a prevailing story is no longer serving. Now is such a time. Humanity needs a new, inspiring picture of the future to live into.

This website is designed to support the emergence of a coherent new story for humanity and the production of practical, collaborative ways to live this new story.

The New Story Hub is a resource centre for anyone engaged in the cocreation of a new evolutionary paradigm. We invite you to participate and to help us accelerate our collective understanding of what might be, what is emerging and what must change, both in us and in the Human Story.

This information comes from the website of New Story Hub.

The Storm Before the Calm – a New Cultural Story for Humanity

The Storm Before the Calm – a New Cultural Story for Humanity

Read this book for free…

Here, not a moment too soon, is a genuine reason not to be afraid of our Tomorrows. The author of seven New York Times bestsellers in the world-captivating Conversations with God series, Neale Donald Walsch offers us a striking explanation for the upheaval we are seeing all over our planet right now, then proposes a simple plan by which we can impact both our personal and collective future in an extraordinarily positive way.

This website is a direct outgrowth of the writing in the book The Storm Before the Calm, in which you have been invited to co-author a New Cultural Story for Humanity as part of a global Movement. That book is now posted here.

This information comes from the website of The Global Conversation. Read the book in its entirety her.

Human Earth Awakening – a new story for a new world

Human Earth Awakening – a new story for a new world

The World needs a New Story

Stories are powerful. They shape our reality. Our society’s outdated stories are destroying the planet we love.

Weaving history and psychology, science and indigenous wisdom into an epic story of life on this planet and beyond, Human Earth Awakening tells how humanity woke up from the trance of Empire, stopped fighting and created a happy healthy planet.

Human Earth Awakening transforms “his/story” into a “his & her story” that includes the global voices of men and women, native peoples and Mother Earth herself.

In these challenging times of social unrest, eco-catastrophe and spiritual crisis, it resurrects an ageless vision of love and peace.

Human Earth Awakening is a mythic adventure where past, present and future collide and we have one last chance to heal our planet.

This story came to us at a time when we had run out of stories to believe in. It changed our lives and inspired us with an uplifting vision of the future.

​We hope this story resonates in your heart and contributes to the awakening of a Human Earth!

About Human Earth Awakening​

On a stormy spring day, all the nations of the world are called to an emergency meeting at the UN. Climate change is wreaking havoc and the world is on the brink of World War III. Delegates from hostile countries shout threats and shove each other. The General Assembly quickly descends into chaos.

Suddenly twin beams of light flash into the Great Hall. Everyone falls silent and stares transfixed as two mythic figures materialize.

Sky-Grandmother and Sky-Grandfather, humanity’s Sky Elders, have returned to guide their descendants at this crucial moment in their history.

Time hangs suspended as the Sky Elders take the UN people on a journey back to their forgotten origins as one family. The Elders reveal their startling evolutionary destiny — the creation of a Human Earth. But before that can happen, humanity must face the challenge of a fast-approaching cosmic apocalypse. In a climactic, consciousness-changing moment, the UN people realize that their personal lives and the life of the planet are one.

​To read more, download your free illustrated copy of Human Earth Awakening.

This information comes from the website of Human Earth Awakening.

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