By Deepak Chopra

At the very moment when our planet is well into an ecological crisis, human beings need to evolve with the conscious purpose of setting aside our selfish impulses and start acting for the survival of all living things. I don’t think I’ve made a radical statement–almost anyone who takes climate change seriously would agree. But there’s a sticking point, which is evolution itself. The standard Darwinian position, which is universally taught in biology classes, is entirely mechanical and without purpose.

My point is that we need to evolve beyond evolutionary theory. The mechanistic processes that underlie it are a useful model created by the human mind and nothing more. It’s high time we abandoned a model that views Nature as without meaning or purpose when we humans stand as glaring exceptions, being driven by meaning and purpose and unable to survive when these are stripped from us.

To evolve beyond evolutionary theory means accepting the following propositions:

— The reality we accept is a human construct.

— Its building blocks are experience, perception, feelings, and thoughts. these exist entirely in consciousness.

— We should see ourselves as conscious creators who imbue reality with our own purposes. Instead, we build models, become comfortable with them, and eventually forget that they are simply thought-models, not reality.

— In fact, we have no idea what thoughts actually are or where they come from. No one has the ability to predict his next thought.

— Science is a way of thinking. It has no privileged position beyond other methods of thought, because science is just as blind to what thought actually is as any other mind-created model.

— We only know that we are conscious, and until we follow this knowledge until it leads us to the source of consciousness, anything else we claim to know is suspect.

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