Named one of ‘75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century‘ by Esquire Magazine, today the global theorist, TED speaker and CNN Global Contributor Parag Khanna believes that beneath the chaos of a world appearing to fall apart is a new foundation of connectivity that is actually pulling it together. “Seeing is believing. Better maps of the real – and more positive – world can shape how mankind thinks and behaves.

Here is 7 reasons why our hyperconnected global network civilisation will be okay:
1. Cities are solving the world’s problems
2. Trade includes everyone
3. Soon the whole planet will be online
4. More cities are becoming melting pots
5. We are protecting the planet
6. Africa is healing its colonial scars
7. Countries focus on the basics to build a better life for citizens

For more information and maps about each of the 7 reasons visit the original article at Atlas of the Future.


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