Laser Power Systems from Connecticut has created its own thorium engine, which weighs around 500 pounds and could power a car for 100 years on only eight grams of thorium. The key energy source is a mildly radioactive metal, and one of the most dense materials known in nature, thorium. The thorium would be used to power a laser, which would then heat water, creating steam that turned a small turbine and propelled the car.


Laser Power Systems has spent more than 20 years in the quiet research and development of Uranium and thorium-fueled High-energy and Ultra-High energy lasers. LPS is now ready to make its research public and offer-for the first time in history – safe, clean, affordable, abundant, carbon-free energy on a global scale.

In the past ten years, computer technology was developed that allowed us to move thorium forward as a viable fuel source. The key factor in the computer analysis is discerning the difference in the reactions of thorium and U235.

– Eliminates production of greenhouse gases
– Dramatically lowers the volume and toxicity of waste
– Significantly improves safety
– Removes the hazards associated with current fuel production
– Operates in an environmentally safe manner
– Prevents nuclear weapons proliferation
– Significantly reduces MaxFelaser size and complexity
– Drastically reduces fuel costs

The LPS MaxFelaser fueled Thorium laser can produce electricity for less than $0.01 per kilowatt-hour.

The natural abundance of thorium, its low cost of mining and milling, the low volume of waste produced, and its lower long-term radiotoxicity mean that the LPS MaxFelaser systems.

Uses fuel that—mass for mass—is 500 times cheaper and produces about 18 million time more energy than Coal.

Has less than 50% of the capital costs, based on a design philosophy of robust mechanical simplicity.

This information comes from the website of Laser Power Systems.

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