Once in every generation a new technology comes along that completely changes the rules of the game. Candela Electric Speed Boat is just that. A watershed moment in nautical history. The world’s first all electric hydrofoil speedboat.

What makes Candela unique is the combination of cutting edge research within hydrodynamics and battery technology. Add to that computerized control systems from high-speed aeronautics. This revolutionary engineering blends seamlessly in a hull? that respects the traditions of the greatest speed boat designs. Built with the highest Swedish quality standards in mind.

The result is a unique boating experience. The hydrofoils cut effortlessly through the waves without ever slamming. With a top speed of 30 knots, a range of 2,5 hours at 20 knots and a near silent ride, Candela is something completely new.

No engine roar, no slamming waves. It’s just you, the boat and the nature.

This information comes from the website of Candela.


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