Tidal energy represents a large energy potential and is a predictable and environmentally friendly energy source. Compact design and solid composite material provides low weight, low cost and easy installation. The system is inherently buoyant allowing the systems to be towed to site, submerged and easily installed. There are no moving parts in the turbine. The system is self regulating and operational over a large range of tidal stream velocities. The system also has limited environmental impact, with a slow moving turbine.

The minimal turbulence created by the Flumill systems and the lack of cavitation means that Flumill tidal parks can be far more concentrated than e.g. horizontal axis turbines.

A more concentrated park setup will first and foremost result in greater power outputs from smaller areas of seabed, in addition to reduced costs through reduced number of cable meters needed.

The Flumill system can operate in tidal streams as low as 1 m/s flow.

This information comes from the website of Flumill.

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