Many of the so-called modern democracies still run the same way they did almost two centuries ago: as citizens we only get to interact with the political system once every couple of years. In an era where online access starts to become commonplace around the world, we are aware of how the internet changed the way we work, communicate and relate with each other. But politics and governments haven’t changed at all. So we set out to find a reliable way to hack the system.

Our first step was to create an open source, free software with an easy user experience for citizens to get informed, debate and vote on every single bill presented in Congress. DemocracyOS evolved to become one of the most used platforms for collaborative decision-making and it got translated into 15 languages…

«We are 21st century citizens doing our best to interact with 19th century
designed institutions that are based on an information technology of the 15th century.»

Pia Mancini – The DemocracyOS at TED Global 2014

This information comes from the website of DemocracyOS.


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