World’s first thermal energy storage

World’s first thermal energy storage

Brenmiller Energy provides sustainable thermal energy storage solutions. Green heat storage that enables renewable and clean energy in industry, residences, and power plants.

bGen™ is a patented high-temperature thermal energy storage unit stored in solid state material [crushed rocks]. Charged electrically or thermally and delivers steam or hot air on demand.​ This sustainable TES technology enables emission reduction for power plants, industrial and commercial facilities.

This information comes from the website of Brenmiller Energy.


Alice – electric aircraft

Alice – electric aircraft

Eviation Alice is an electric aircraft designed to take 9 passengers up to 1,000 km at more than 240 knots.

Our solution is electric from conception. Starting from scratch we take a holistic approach to aircraft design, allowing us to fully optimize the benefits of electric aviation. Our state-of-the-art aircraft is powered by four key capabilities:

Electric by design
Radical and holistic re-thinking of the airframe, propeller and motor maximizes energy management and flight efficiency.

Ultra-light design
Our battery takes up 65% of the aircraft’s weight, and it takes a state-of-the-art all composite body to makeup for that.

High energy density battery
Combining Lithium-ion for high power needs and a proprietary Aluminum-Air system for range, hitting the 400Wh/kg mark and more

Built from day one as an Optionally Piloted Vehicle,
for increased flexibility and expansion of services today, and full autonomy when regulations permit.

This information comes from the website of Eviation.


Atmospheric Water Generator

Atmospheric Water Generator

Water-gen’s vision is to provide humanity with an abundant, renewable source of fresh, clean drinking water, by extracting it directly from the air, our most abundant water resource.

Requiring no infrastructure what so ever but electricity, it is literally a plug and drink solution, aimed for schools, hospitals, commercial/residential buildings, whole villages, factories and off-grid settlements, providing robust and renewable source for fresh, clean drinking water.

The Water-Gen’s Large Scale unit can potentially service millions around the world, eliminating their need to «hunt» for water every day, providing water independence and social stability.

The Large Scale system has a multi-barrier air filtration cascade, ensuring high-quality water generation regardless to the air quality, and a built-in water reservoir and treatment facility, continuously circulating the water, keeping it fresh over time. A single units generates over 3,000 L of clean fresh water every day.

This information comes from the website of Water-gen.

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