Building material out of hemp

Building material out of hemp

We are making a building material out of hemp to build a better world.

This precast and pre-dried form of hempcrete will improve the speed of implementation, using a universal method: the brick wall. We want to be a sustainable development accelerator.

ART DU CHANVRE is a company working in construction and design. Specialists in hemp insulation and lime finishes. All of our services and products are the fruits of dedicated craftsmanship. We have an engagement for quality.

Our vision is to grow our own organic hemp, to transform it in our future plant powered by renewable energy and to produce and distribute our products, our equipment and our expertise. This is our long-term vision for this project and we hope it becomes a model for other communities around the world. Our hope is the Building with hemp project becomes a success throughout communities.

Hempcrete is the wall system that owns all the qualities. The hemp & lime insulation is completely natural. Its resistance to fire, mold and vermin makes it the most durable of all.

This information comes from the website of ART DU CHANVRE.

SeaOrbiter – a oceanic station

SeaOrbiter – a oceanic station

SeaOrbiter is the only vessel in the world allowing a 24/7 exploration on long-term missions of the open sea and the abyss.

An exploration vessel and a universal scientific laboratory dedicated to the discovery of the underwater world and the education around sustainable development applied to the ocean.

Multiple scientific missions and a large education plan. SeaOrbiter is the only one- of- its- kind scientific and educative platform, complementary to existing observation and analytical tools of the oceanic world.

The missions conducted from the vessel will enable to better understand the links between ocean and atmosphere, the planktonic balance, the decrease of marine biodiversity or the impact of climate change upon the marine world and its wealth of life.

SeaOrbiter will allow discovering and valorizing new marine richness which will, tomorrow, enable the development of major innovations in various fields such as nutrition, health, biotechnologies or renewable marine energies. SeaOrbiter is also a powerful education tool dedicated to the marine world and engaging all generations.

This information comes from the website of SeaOrbiter.

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