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GaiaInnovations aims to contribute with ideas, visions and solutions that can inspire us and give us hopes about the future, as well as finding and transforming the real causes behind our crises.

A contribution to us will strengthen our possibilities to make our portal of ideas larger and more known, as well as better our opportunities to inform about the real causes behind our crises. Your contribution will help in accelerating the development towards a world in balance.



A membership in GaiaInnovations cost 30 USD yearly and includes different member benefits as an e-magazine and several e-books. The founders e-book Gaia and Mankind – towards a brighter future will be included when its translated into English. You will also receive more member benefits as we make deals with different environmental conscious players. (Coming)

Here you will find a list of all the e-books and the other member benefits included. (Coming)


Corporate membership

Here, your company can support us with a yearly amount. (Coming)



You can also make a donation using our account number IBAN-number: NO6728013934454 and SWIFT-/BIC-kode: SPSONO22



Contact us if you or your company wishes to be a sponsor. As a sponsor you might have your name or company logo at the bottom of our main page.

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