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About sharing posts 

We welcome cases that can help and contribute to lead mankind towards a more sustainable and human-friendly world.

All suggestions will be evaluated and approved by us before they eventually are posted in one of our two portals.

By submitting you give us permission to use it if it is your own work. If you use someone else’s text, use only a part of it and cite the source.


Guidelines for posts

  • First, you should study our home page and see what’s already posted in our portals.
  • Check that the idea you want to post doesn’t already exist. You can use the search function in the relevant portal.
  • Attach at least one image of good quality.
  • The text will be posted in the portal as it appears. You should, therefore, write clearly. Use at least 100 words.
  • We do not have the possibility to give feedback to all.

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