Towards a brighter future

for You, Mankind and Mother Earth

Despite turmoil and breakdown in society and new populist leaders that frighten us we are heading towards a brighter future. This time is the last gasp of an age of selfishness and short-sightedness. It’s difficult to see the big picture when we are in the middle of a storm, but a storm will always calm. And in the long run, love always wins.

From the back cover:


People, Mankind and Mother Earth are plagued by countless problems and crises. Everything from overspending, exploitation, corruption, populist leaders and terrorism to economic differences, poverty, health problems, and loneliness. On top of that, we have huge environmental problems.
These problems can only be taken by their root if we are going to get lasting solutions, otherwise, we only treat the symptoms. By identifying the core causes of our manmade problems and crises, we can change these «vicious circles» we have entangled ourselves into and create «golden circles».
Even if we see breakdowns in society, there are also several breakthroughs, which don’t receive the same amount of attention. This book seeks to reverse this, by offering several «new» thoughts, referrals to solutions, and ways to improve our lives and society.
This book is therefore very much a book of resources and solutions, with a host of references to people, companies, websites, organizations and much more that point to new ways of living and organizing our lives and communities.
The human being is under development and is now having growing pains in form of our global crises. By shifting the focus from problems to solutions, and from symptoms to causes, we would be well on our way to create a new world for the benefit of ourselves and future generations.

Henning Jon Grini

was born in Bergen, Norway in 1966. All his adult life he has been concerned with the big questions in life. He is socially engaged, and have started several businesses with the intention of contributing to the planet’s best, as well as lifting the human consciousness to a higher level. He has, among other things, founded, run and been an editor for the Norwegian magazine and publisher «Ildsjelen» (now Harmoni) for 12 years. Currently, he founded the organization Gaiainnovations.

Download a high-resolution photo of the author here. Photo: Jarle Kavli Jørgensen.

Readers reviews:

Thanks for the wonderful book you have written! I read it from cover to cover and felt that it did something to me. It lifts your mind and gives positivity and hope. It is easy to read and fluent in form. Truly one of the best I’ve read in a long time! I am impressed! I would like to introduce the book to someone else, but cannot imagine lending out my own copy, so I’d like to buy two more.

Irene H. Aune

Congratulations! You have done an excellent job of publishing this book – a valuable book that touches the core of humanity’s relationship to itself, nature, and the spiritual dimension. Seen from my point of view, the reader gets a solid dose of ammunition for contemplation and requiring personal stance towards big questions. Recommended!

Audun Tømmerås

Quotes from the book

As a society, we should break the vicious circle where outer values dominate and go over to a golden circle, where there is a balance between inner and outer values.

As a society, we should break the vicious circle where Gaia is viewed as something dead that can be exploited, and go over to a golden circle where Gaia is viewed as alive and sacred.

As a society, we should break the vicious circle based on me, mine, and selfishness, and go over to a golden circle based on us, ours and sharing.



Chapter 1: My childhood summer paradise

Chapter 2: Gaia – our living earth

Chapter 3: Human impact on the environment

Chapter 4: Cycles – nature’s tutor

Chapter 5: Human cycle

Chapter 6: The core causes of our problems

Chapter 7: Human and natural balance

Chapter 8: Masculine and feminine balance

Chapter 9: Create more happiness, joy, and better health

Chapter 10: The economic world of the future

Chapter 11: Organization in the future

Chapter 12: Living community

Chapter 13: The power of a positive focus

Chapter 14: What can you and I contribute with?

Chapter 15: GaiaInnovations – for a world in balance

Chapter 16: Conscious evolution

Chapter 17: Final words pointing towards a new start

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Despite turmoil and breakdown in society and new populist leaders that frighten us we are heading towards a brighter future.

The world does not stand still, changes occur everywhere, in the outside world and in the inside world. This book merge both worlds.

A book about how a change in consciousness can create a world full of happiness, hope, and optimism.

Title: Towards a Brighter Future: for You, Mankind and Mother Earth

Author: Henning Jon Grini

Paperback price: 9.99 $

Kindle eBook price: 2.99 $

Pages: 170

Publication: 2017

Distribution: Amazon

Cover: Download high-resolution cover

Preview: For a look inside the book and read an excerpt, click on one of the buy buttons and then click on the cover (look inside).



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